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2019 CV/AV Survey data are available!

The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Deployment Tracking Survey (DTS) Data Repository contains a set of downloadable electronic files related to a series of ITS surveys conducted over the past twenty years. Surveys included in the repository are divided into three main categories: the 2019 Connected and Automated Vehicle (CV/AV Survey), ITS Deployment Tracking Surveys (1999 to 2016), and Special Topic Deployment Surveys. The contents of this website are described in more detail below:

User's Guide – A document that describes the DTS methodology and the contents of the electronic files contained in this ITS Deployment Tracking Survey Data Repository, including guidance on how to use this repository.

2019 Connected Vehicle and Automated Vehicle (CV/AV) Survey – Survey instrument, data file, and report for the most recent DTS survey, which focused on the deployment of CV and AV technologies in Freeway, Arterial and Transit agencies.

ITS Deployment Surveys (1999 to 2016)

The ITS Deployment Tracking Surveys (DTS) were conducted a total of ten times between 1999 and 2016. Data is collected from Freeway, Arterial, and Transit agencies in 78 large and 30 medium-sized metropolitan areas. The DTS were designed to collect data characterizing ITS technology deployment, as well as programs and policies implemented to support ITS. More information on the DTS is available in the DTS User’s Guide. The website includes the following DTS files:

1999-2016 Survey Instruments – Arterial, Freeway, and Transit Management survey instruments used to collect deployment data each year a survey was conducted.
1999-2016 Deployment Data – Excel data file workbooks associated with the Arterial, Freeway, and Transit surveys. Each Excel data file workbook contains three worksheets (Data, Data Dictionary, and Variable Summary Statistics).
1999-2016 Final Reports – the complete set of downloadable Final Reports associated with each Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Deployment Tracking Survey (DTS) conducted from 1999 to 2016.
1999-2016 Common Survey Questions – Three files (one for each survey type – Freeway, Arterial and Transit) that group common questions across the surveys conducted from 1999 to 2016. The questions are organized by key topic areas (e.g., in the Arterial file, a user can view all questions on adaptive signal control and how they were asked across the survey years).

Special Topic Deployment Surveys -
In addition to the Deployment Tracking Surveys administered to freeway, arterial and transit agencies, the ITS JPO has conducted a number of special topic surveys, including the following:
2019 Small Urban and Rural Transit Survey
Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Surveys
Incident Management/Public Safety Surveys
Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Suurveys
Statewide ITS Systems Surveys
Traffic Management Center (TMC) Surveys

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